A New Vegetable Garden – 1 Year Later

Last year, my siblings and I decided to surprise our mother with a new vegetable garden for her 70th birthday.

We all gathered together with our families on an early Saturday morning in January and got to work while my mother was doing errands.

First, we marked out the location for the garden using stakes and string.  Then we started to remove the grass. (It helps if you water the ground a couple of days ahead of time to make it easier to dig up the grass).

Once the grass was removed, I added some leaf mulch from the compost pile for the bottom layer of the new vegetable garden.

The grass that was dug up was put around the chicken yard to create a berm.

The kids had fun looking for earthworms, which they brought over to put into the new vegetable garden.

My sisters worked on putting together the sides for the raised vegetable garden.  We used cedar, which is resistant to rotting.

While took a lunch break, the animals enjoyed the partially finished garden.

This new garden was to match her existing vegetable garden exactly.

The sides were up and it was time to add compost and aged steer manure.

I think one of the best ‘smells’ in the world is fresh compost, don’t you?

Francie, the naked neck chicken, just loves eating vegetables.  Sadly, she normally isn’t allowed anywhere near the vegetable gardens.

As the compost was added, the kids helped spread it out.

To say that my mother was surprised by her birthday gift, is an understatement.  You see, she loves growing vegetables and she didn’t have enough space in her other vegetable garden to grow everything she wanted.

We all had a wonderful time working together to create something that won’t only make our mother happy, but we also benefit by it because we get to eat the delicious food that she grows.

**It is hard to believe that was one year ago when we built the vegetable garden.  Fast forward 1 year and this is what it looks like….

Broccoli, parsley, garlic and petunias make their home in this vegetable garden.

Both of her vegetable gardens are just thriving during the month of January on her Arizona farm.

(I must confess that my vegetable gardens don’t look as good as hers and I only live 2 miles away 😉

Vegetable gardening is such a fun and rewarding hobby.

I just ordered a bunch of new seeds that I can’t wait to start indoors and also directly in my garden.  I’ll be sure to share with you what I got, once my seed shipment arrives (including corn that grows in containers and carrots for containers as well).  Stay tuned!

  1. todd leinbach says

    I have been a subscriber with you folks for some time. my brother gave me a subscription to yor magizine just recently. he didn’t know i already had one. i’d like to get a phone number to your customer service office and see about making some changes. i’m coming up for renewnal in a couple of months and need some guidense on this matter.

    thank you and hope to hear from you

  2. says

    You all sound like really great kids, your mother is really lucky, and such great siblings you all are to each other, outstanding.
    I used to garden every year then then my old broken down body wouldn`t let me get up after I got down to pull weeds. I need
    to get more exercise I`m sure then I could get back to the gardening, someday I hope.

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