August/September is 100th Issue

Have you seen the August/September issue of Birds and Blooms magazine? It’s the 100th special edition issue. As always, it’s full of great information, photos and stories from our readers.   birds and blooms 100th issue | aug-sep 2011 | paula bonelli | midwest regional reporter

In this issue, we share the Top 100 Reader Tips. I couldn’t put it down; one tip had me reading on to the next and the next until I’d read all 100 tips in one reading! Our readers are the best and have the greatest ideas!

Did you know…

  • that Birds and Blooms launched in 1995? 
  • that our reader-shared bird stories has been one of the most popular columns since the magazine launched?

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  1. carl kokes says

    I have a comment/ question regarding wasps/ hornets. I have an outdoor garden railroad with a couple of water features – I have had a MAJOR problem with hornets always around the pond near by but they seem to want to build their nests under the eaves of my gazebo which is close by. My comment is that they dont seem to do anything bad as far as attacking . The question is : are they harmful or beneficial as far as flowers, etc that are IN the train garden or DO they just look for water ???? Thank you .

  2. Deb Gutknecht says

    I got rid of wasps by buying japanese lanterns (at the dollar store) sprayed them with grey spray paint & hung them up by my deck and i have no more wasp problems.Wecan enjoy the outdoors once again!

  3. shelia gooch says

    I wold love to do you 100 ideas for your magazine from your readers to do in my paper for Feb. to help people to start prepating for our spring. There are tremendous ideas in there. Could I please get your permission to do this. My paper only consist of my daughter and I . Would you please let me know if this is possible. My daughter gets a subscription from me for Christmas every year.

    Thank you Kindly
    Shelia Gooch (owner of Spirit of Giles)

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