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Jill Staake

Last weekend, SeEtta posted about the amazing “Snowboarding Crow” that’s been making headlines around the world. Here are a few more bird stories making the news lately…

Snowy Owls are taking the Central U.S. by storm…
These majestic birds, generally found in the arctic, make brief migratory appearances in the U.S. each year during the winter months, but sightings are usually few and far between. This year, though, Snowy Owls are being spotted all over the northern half of the country, with sightings in places like Nebraska, Kansas, Indiana, Ohio, and more. If you’ve seen a snowy owl this year, tell us in the comments below!

A Snowy Owl in Kansas City in early January.


A Rufous Hummingbird in an unusual place, at an unusual time…
Rufous Hummingbirds are rare east of the Rockies, but a Chicago man recently had a visit from one every day for nearly seven weeks. What makes this even more unusual? The visits started around Thanksgiving, and lasted until January! Learn more in this video:


This penguin is extra formal in his white tie and tails…
In far-off news, a “mutant” white Chinstrap Penguin has been spotted by tourists in Antarctica. Rather than being an albino, this penguin has a condition called isabellinism, which dilutes the pigment in the bird’s feathers. This causes the overall coloration to appear muted, giving the penguin a “blond” appearance. Learn more at National Geographic’s website, where you can even watch a video of this unusual bird.

Rather than being an albino, this chinstrap penguin has a condition called isabellinism.

Seen any other birds in the news lately that we should know about? Drop us a line in the comments below!

  1. Wayne Hoch says

    Snow Owl seen December 31 2011 DNR Boat Launch south river road Harrison Township Mi around 8:45am if you want picture i have some

  2. Lynn says

    My daughter and I saw a Snowy Owl on December 20, 2011 near Morris,Illinois. My daughter got a bunch of photos. How do I go about submitting photos to this website?

  3. says

    New Philadelphia, Ohio. Haven’t seen any Snowy Owls here, but have a flicker who likes to visit our small,
    red birdfeeder now and then. It is funny to watch him cling to the edge, with his tail curved under
    the feeder for balance. He doesn’t seem disturbed when the Sparrows and Cardinals also come to the

  4. Fran says

    A Common Red Poll recently caused quite a stir down here in S Cal when it arrived up in Julian at a feeder. First time one has been seen this far south.

  5. Spence Topper says

    I seen a Bald Eagle feeding on a Deer carcass a few times in Jan. near Hanover,Pa.just off Rt.16 towards Gettysburg.

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