Blog of the Week: 10,000 Birds

Every Friday we feature a new site for our Blog of the Week, and this week we introduce you to Corey Finger of 10,000 Birds. Corey lives in New York with his family. He’s only been birding since 2005, but by birding in his spare time he has acquired quite a life list.

More specifically, 10,000 Birds has quickly become one of the industry’s top birding blogs and has been given top honors in the blog world. The team consists of Corey and Mike Bergin and several beat writers, which means there is fresh content daily.

Corey Finger of 10,000 Birds

What’s the inspiration behind your blog?

I guess the answer to that is in our slogan, “Birding, nature, conservation and the wide, wide world.”  All of us who write on 10,000 Birds love getting outside and discovering new things.

How long has the blog been around?

Since August of 2003.  I wasn’t around then because I started in 2007, but it is my understanding that for the first couple of years the blog was somehow written on a typewriter.

What’s one of your favorite posts or most popular beats and why?

I love writing about birding in my adopted hometown of New York City.  People are often amazed at the wildlife that can be seen in such a large city with a huge population.

What can someone expect to find when visiting the blog?

Great pictures, great writing, an international perspective and something new.  Because we have over 20 beat writers from around the world we have a lot of content and a variety of viewpoints.  I think that is probably 10,000 Birds’ greatest strength.

What’s one quirky thing about yourself or the 10,000 birds team we can share with our readers?

We’re actually all robots.  No, not really, but most of us have never met face-to-face so I can’t be sure that at least one of us isn’t a robot. We have a vibrant online relationship but because we are all so far-flung and busy it is pretty much impossible for us all to meet in the real world.

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