Blog of the Week: Urban Organic Gardener

Mike Lieberman of Urban Organic Gardener.

Each Friday, we feature a new site for our Blog of the Week. This week, I’m excited to share Urban Organic Gardener by Mike Lieberman. With no gardening experience, Mike has successfully grown a fire escape garden in New York and a balcony garden in LA, and thrives off of home-grown food (with a little trial and error). Meet Mike:

1. What’s the inspiration behind your blog?
The inspiration behind my blog comes from when I first started looking into growing food on my fire escape in New York City back in 2009. I was doing research to find out how to start, what and how to grow. There weren’t many options for those in small spaces. Most of the information out there was written for those that have plenty of space and have been doing it for years. Since I have a background in online marketing, I saw it as a great opportunity to fill in a voice that I thought was missing.

2. How long has your blog been around?
Spring of 2009.

3. What’s your favorite backyard activity?
I never had a backyard growing up, but my grandparents did. My favorite activities were barbecues and capturing lightning bugs.

4. What’s one quirky thing about yourself we can share with our readers?
I am huge fan of 80s movies. My all-time favorite is Spaceballs. When watching that movie, I can recite a lot of the lines along with the movie. Dirty Dancing is also another favorite of mine. How can you not love those movies?

5. What’s one of your favorite or most popular blog posts and why?
A post of recent that was pretty popular was about the effects of chemical gardening and agriculture. This is what I’m really passionate about. It’s about raising awareness of what the possible effects of using chemicals on our food are for us and the environment.

Thanks again for letting us feature you, Mike. Can’t wait to hear more of your gardening endeavors!

Readers, have you grown a garden somewhere unusual like Mike’s fire escape garden? Share it with us below!

  1. says

    I’m so glad you’re featuring Mike’s blog! He’s got amazing advice for anyone who is interested in growing their own organic food, regardless of geographical living situation. Kudos, Birds & Blooms!

    • Danielle says

      We were happy to feature him! He has great ideas on small-space gardening, and we love his enthusiastic encouragement to those who are looking to get started.

      Assistant Editor-Digital

  2. Elizabeth says

    Congratulations Mike. Now we have 80’s movies AND gardening in common. I vote for WAR GAMES with Matthew Broderick…so much fun. So are there any great gardening/80’s movies…hmmm. I will have to think on that.

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