Compost bins

Yesterday a group of Girl Scouts and their leaders came over to the garden to learn about growing vegetables in a dry climate. One of the things we talked about was the importance of amending the soil with lots of compost.

Our native soil looks like this:

But several years of adding compost to a raised bed has transformed the soil into a medium that is not only richer in nutrients, it is also one that does a better job of holding moisture:

These are my compost bins, made so many years ago that I no longer remember where I first saw the plans for them:

They are both made of cedar 4×4 posts for the corners, and sides of hardware wire and cedar boards. The front of the bins have these removable cedar 1×6″ boards, which have holes that simply slip over the heads of bolts in the posts:

Organic matter goes on the top, and eventually, compost comes out the bottom. I remove the boards to get at the composted material, and the whole cycle keeps on churning. It’s been a good, durable system for several years now.

  1. Nathalie says

    I love those compost bins, and they look easy enough to build (and not unattractive either!) I am a little confused though (being new to composty things) how you turn the material? Do you let it all out, turn it and unclump it, put the boards all back on and refill? Or?? Do you have an article about how you do it, because I really like the looks of these. Thank you in advance for any good advice on how you use them. :)

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