DIY: Fall Decor From the Produce Aisle

Fall Display

Are you resigned to using regular pumpkins, gourds and miniature pumpkins for your annual fall centerpiece?  How about jazzing up your traditional fall decor with some unique additions?  Instead of heading to the craft store, drive straight to your local supermarket where you will find all you need to create a beautiful and natural fall display that you won’t have to store away once fall is over.

Heirloom Pumpkins

How about choosing an heirloom pumpkin instead of the traditional orange pumpkin?  They come in lots of colors, shapes and sizes.  I bought the green and orange one on the far left.  We will buy a ‘regular’ orange pumpkin for carving at Halloween.

Winter Squash

There are countless fruits and vegetables that are suitable for decorating for fall.  Your only guideline is to look for items that don’t need refrigeration.  Look for produce that have fall colors such as orange, yellow, red and greens.

As you walk through the produce aisle, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you find for your fall decor…

Acorn Squash

Acorn squash has beautiful green and orange coloring.  You can also find all-orange acorn squash.


Artichokes have a beautiful rosette shape and cool-green color.


Nothing can bring a rich red color to the table like pomegranates – red apples would work well too.

Butternut Squash

Butternut squash have a unique shape and lovely beige color which can provide a nice backdrop to the brighter colored produce.  You can also draw a ghost face in black marker on them to make ghosts for unique Halloween decor.


In addition to pumpkins, oranges are an inexpensive way to add the color orange to your fall decor.  They will usually last at least a week and then you can eat them and replace them if desired.


Who would think of using a mango as a fall decoration?  However, this tropical fruit has many of the classic colors of fall.

Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash has a lovely yellow color, don’t you think?

Red Pears

Red and green pears add great color to a fall centerpiece.


Limes are useful in filling small spaces between larger fruits and vegetables in an arrangement.

Heirloom Tomatoes

Here is an unusual addition for a fall centerpiece – heirloom tomatoes with their vibrant colors.  They are best displayed for a couple days and then eaten :-)

Fall Produce

Here is a sampling of what I came home with – an heirloom pumpkin, acorn squash, oranges, gourds, red onions, artichoke, limes, oranges, green apples, red pears, gourds and miniature pumpkins.  I will pair them with gourds that I grew in my own garden.

On Friday, I will show you the different ways that I arranged them into lovely fall centerpieces.

  1. myra says

    this is a great idea, but with the rising cost of groceries, I wonder if you can also include an estimate on how much the project
    s or material is costing you.

    • Noelle says

      Hello Myra,

      One of the great things about this project, is that you can switch out the fruit and vegetables in your display every few weeks and eat them. I spent approximately $20, which came out of my grocery budget, since we will eat most of the produce :-)



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