1. Heidi Smith says

    I’m not sure where to share my idea for the caption Blowing in the Wind on page 45 of the Feb./March issue. So I will put it here
    “Does this dress make me look fat?”

  2. Susan J. Knoppe says

    Blowing in the Wind Article. A Clever Caption for the picture of Oriole. My Caption is “What Ever Blows Your Skirt Up”

  3. gemma greene says

    On the Feb issue on page 10 recycled backyard. I was interesting in submitting my hubcap art but having trouble knowing where to submit. Please advise.



  4. Karen Zach says

    Hi Stacy!
    Are you staying warm and cozy? Weather is supposed to be in single digits at night here next week. Our Rufous Hummer at BSBO is still hanging around. Amazing!
    Have you figured out where my “story” might fit yet? I hope I haven’t missed it. I’ve been busy editing the Ohio Winter Bird Atlas, one of BSBO’s projects. We hope to have it published by spring.
    Looking forward to staying in touch.
    Take care….Karen Zach

  5. Clarabelle McNulty says

    Last night,I was musing about the Blowing in the Wind photo and came up with these ideas:
    1. “ALL the hatchlings have ADHD!”
    2. “I flew right through the fireworks display, …ouchie!.”
    3. “Eileen, I think I sat on your wire a little too long.”
    4.”I’m back from my FDA meeting!!!”(Feather Dusters Anonymous)
    5.”Ever had one of those ‘rough’ sneezes?
    6.”The egg laying was quite the ‘fireworks’ this season.”

  6. Clarabelle McNulty says

    Susan, Ed and RK…really cute quotations for the Oriole!!!
    Birds and Blooms…ya’ll started something at our school…I brought the picture to the school where I teach…Word of Life Christian Academy…the 9, 10, 11, 12 and 16 year old, jumped in w/ their ideas….and another teacher too! Since most did not have email, we decided to put them in on 2 addresses…it took off like wild fire. Thanks.

  7. Clarabelle5@juno.com says

    “If I die will you bury me in this dress”
    ” Will you marry me before I die”
    ooh thats cool
    ooh dear nobody look

    (rocking back and forth) hi
    is this the right shade of orange
    does this dress make me look silly
    am i lady gaga ?
    i hope no ones loooking
    omg look what my girlfriend did! REALLY
    do i look like a cheeto puff i thought it was halloween

  8. Karen Pexa says

    Where do I get some window clings to deter birds from hitting my windows? The article said to go to birdsandblooms.com/mag but I haven’t been able to find anything about them.

  9. Kim Satterfield says

    I can never get my feathers to do what I want!
    The humidity just ruins my feathers.
    Now I’m going to have to preen again…sigh.

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