Flower Containers Made From an Old Bed & Chairs

A couple of months ago, I was traveling through the Midwest along with my mother.  Why were we in the Midwest, you may ask?  Well, we love to travel and have been to the Northwest, Southeast, Northeast and we live in the Southwest, but have never been to the Midwest except for Chicago.  So, we decided to go on a road trip and explore.

We visited places in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Kansas.  On one of our stops, we were staying in Amish country in Northern Indiana.  As we were walking through one of the small towns, I spied a very creative ‘bed’ of flowers…

This old bed frame was filled with Iris, Daffodils and Hyacinths.  I just loved this display of early spring flowers, although the Iris had not yet bloomed.

I can only imagine what kinds of flowers they plant in this ‘bed’ in the summer and how beautiful it looks, can’t you?

As we traveled south in Indiana, we spent a few hours in the charming, downtown district of Noblesville.  It was there where I spotted two old chairs that had been re-purposed to serve as planters for flowers.

The seats of the chairs were removed and lined with chicken wire and were lined with natural fibers (available at your local nursery).  A few handfuls of potting soil were added and then some flowering annuals.  I would recommend adding a plastic liner (with holes punched for drainage) on top of the natural fibers before adding potting soil.

I just loved this idea and will be on the lookout for some old chairs for my garden.

Have you seen any examples of creative gardening, using things that aren’t normally found in the garden?

Please share them with us!

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    Some folks have a great knack or imagination to use what others consider junk. The sad thing, everone is in such a rush to get somewhere else they move on without enjoying some unique sights. I have a neighbor who has a great talent for using various items for her yard. Always enjoy her yard as she changes things from time to time each season.

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