Friday Fun Photo: Blue Jay & Peanuts


Friday Fun Photo: Blue Jay & Peanuts

Birds & Blooms’ Friday Fun Photo for November 16, 2012: Blue Jay & Peanuts by Sherry Sigler of Bristol, Maine.

Sherry writes, “I love taking pictures from my big window, and this one of a blue jay is my favorite. I see so many different birds. As soon as I put peanuts out, they come flying in to get them. And when they want more, they come to the magnolia tree by my deck and wait.”

There’s no question why this is Sherry’s favorite photo: the subject is crisp, and the photo combines gorgeous color with engaging action. Plus, it makes us want to think up a clever caption for it. So let’s celebrate Friday—bring on the funny captions!

  1. Carl Fors says

    What a day.. first I get a bad feather day, now I have to shell these peanuts…. I should have just stayed in the nest.

  2. Tracy Pike says

    First she tells me to put on my brightest colors…and remember to puff up my feathers in front of others…and then she tells me not to forget to bring a gift. Sheesh! This courting stuff is for the ‘other’ birds!

  3. Hannah Begley says

    Whew! It’s hot! Why do humans get air conditioning and we don’t? You think a body should be able to eat in cooler weather!

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