Garden Art From Found Objects

Creating re-purposed garden art from found objects is just taking something you like the looks of but would never use for their intended purpose and giving it a whole new life.  Here are a few of my re-purposed creations that I hope will inspire you.

Because its designed for indoors does not mean it needs to stay indoors

Sometimes it may take some time for things to come together as it did with this metal globe little trellis I created.

Globe trellis designed by Patty Hicks

It was originally a very dark gothic looking amber glass light fixture which sat out on my deck for a year before I finally determined that the glass was getting in the way of it being reborn into what it is today.  The base is an outdoor torch stand.  I had my husband weld the two into this unique trellis.

I love chickens and hope to own then someday so when I saw this rusty chicken I knew immediately I had to take it home to live in my garden.

Set on a stand amid the veggies this rusty chicken creates whimsy in the veggie garden.

Found objects often make great planters.  This basket shouted “Planter” when I first saw it.  Its metal stand was formerly for a little side table.

Unusual shaped basket and metal stand marry into an interesting planter.

It is lined with a black plastic garbage bag with a hole in the bottom for drainage.  This helps to keep the basket dry making it last longer.

I love things that make me and others smile.  This little Troll Tub is a bidet with a cobalt base…the only reason I kept it, and the troll, a find at the thrift store.

Have fun!

If you are looking for ideas for DIY garden crafts check out our website’s Backyard projects page

  1. Mary Ellen Gambutti says

    Very nice, Patty! I’ve been wild about found objects, rusty stuff in the garden since my early days at Meadowbrook Farm and gardening in Philadelphia and Bucks County Pa. There was always a wealth of cool stuff around to inspire, amuse and embellish.

    • Patty says

      Thank you for the compliment Rebecca Lynn…Its a lot of fun and gets me in all kinds of trouble if you know what I mean.

  2. Sharen says

    I love things to look at in our garden, and we love the crafty art that sets the plants off! Ceramic and metallic sculptures and pieces seem to hold up the best, plus little pinwheels throughout that turn with all the different breeze/wind currents. The 2 cats love it too.

  3. Linda M. Carlson says

    I enjoyed all these ideas..they gave me some thoughts on what to do with a few of my off casts. I collect fast food toys and hang them in our fruit trees to deter the deer from grazing on our trees..does it work? Well so far the deer and us enjoy the decor!! We have one tree just for the ‘FINDING NEMO” toys. I am thinking the deer are really liking the discarded CD/DVDS that we also hang. Guess we both like the sparkle and shine!

    • Patty says

      Linda I love your theme idea, how cute! Funny how the deer seem to enjoy what we do sometimes. Thanks for sharing with us. =-)

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