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It all started with the song, “I Like Birds” by The Eels. This song was featured in last year’s birding movie, The Big Year with Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson. We as a staff went to watch the movie, and we immediately noticed the catchy tune. (We even liked it so much that we made a music video to it. See it here on YouTube.) Then it got us to thinking. How many other bird-related songs are out there? And what’s the best bird song of all-time? 

It seemed like an easy task. After all, how many songs could there be about birds? Actually, there’s a lot more out there than you might think. Our list started out with 50+, but we quickly honed that down to roughly 16. Then we asked our Facebook fans to weigh in to help us crown a winner. Drumroll please…….

#1 Editors’ Pick: “Blackbird,” The Beatles
#1 Readers’ Pick: “Fly Like an Eagle,” Steve Miller Band

We chose Blackbird because it’s been covered for years by multiple artists. It was also recently featured on the TV show, Glee. It’s a beautiful, classic song from The Beatles, and we love that it features a bird singing throughout. We weren’t surprised at “Fly Like an Eagle,” either. This song has been popular for generations, and after all, it is about our national bird icon—the eagle. Take a look at how the rest of these popular bird songs broke down after more than 2,200 votes:

1. “Fly Like an Eagle” – the 1976 arena rock anthem by the Steve Miller Band – 17%

2. “Rockin’ Robin” – a two-time hit, for Bobby Day and The Jackson 5 – 15%

3. “Free Bird” – the oft-misspelled three-lead guitar opus by Lynyrd Skynrd – 13%

4. “Mockingbird” – the 1963 novelty hit by Charlie and Inez Foxx, which returned to the Billboard Top Ten singles chart with a 1973 cover by then lovebirds, Carly Simon and James Taylor – 12%

5. “Blackbird” – Paul McCartney’s stripped down, Bach-flavored nature ditty from The Beatles’ “White Album” – 11%

6. “When the Red, Red Robin” – a 1926 movie tune that was a 1953 pop hit for Doris Day – 8%

7. “Two Sparrows In A Hurricane” – a 1992 hit for country bad girl Tanya Tucker – 5%

8. “When Doves Cry” – Prince “Purple Rain” #1 – 4%

9. “Three Little Birds” – Bob Marley’s child-like reggae hit – 4%

10. “Shake A Tale Feather” – a classic covered by Ray Charles, Ike & Tina Turner and many more – 3%

11. “Bye Bye Birdie” – the title of the ‘60s musical and film, sung on the screen by Ann-Margret – 3%

12. “I’m Like A Bird” – the 2001 chart breakthrough for Nelly Furtado – 2%

13. “Surfin’ Bird” – American surf rock supreme, 1963-style, from The Trashmen – 1.5%

14. “Birdhouse In Your Soul” – a 1990 Modern Rock chart hit by indie darlings, They Might Be Giants – 1%

15. “I Like Birds” – a simple sentiment from indie pop and soundtrack auteurs, The Eels and their 2000 disc, Daisies of the Galaxy – 1%

16. “Disco Duck” – DJ Rick Dees satirical disco novelty hit which topped the Billboard Singles charts in October 1976 – one-half %




  1. Donna Luhman says

    I would like to see your music video but you put it on YouTube. I don’t do YouTube, Facebook and all the rest of those kind of sites and I resent you doing that to people.

    I will cancel my newsletter.

    • Carolgene Cottle says

      You miss many of the best things on the Internet , these sites are also the most individually selective sites available. I would be interested in what you think ‘those’ kind of sites exist of??

    • Patty English says

      I agree with Carolgene. You will be missing a lot by canceling your newsletter. Get with the times those sites are full of great things.

  2. Marilynn Slappy says

    What a unique feature for you! It is delightful, and I will enjoy each song over time. Good job!

  3. Barbara Eberly says

    I notice that the age group of your readers apparently did not include the WWII crowd and therefore “Bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover” failed to make the list. . . .

  4. Art says

    I wish that the song, “White Bird”, by It’s a Beautiful Day would have been at or near the top of the list. It’s a beautiful song. Was it even one of the original contenders?

  5. Carolgene Cottle says

    I’m so disappointed that my favorite bird song didn’t even get an honorable mention. “Mockingbird Hill” is a song I’ve sung all my life , we even named our ranch “Mockingbird Hill”. I don’t believe another bird can beat the mockingbird for singing either!

  6. Judy Horn says

    I enjoyed all of the presentation. What a lovely Surprise!! I had another surprise this spring/summer. I was away for a week and a half and when I returned a Robin had built a nest under the roof of my deck – watched the wonders of nature from beginning to end – how interesting/amazing – followed the steps of life for a Robin w/the help of my computer. 3 days ago, I became an empty nester and the fledglings (only 3 of them – the fourth egg apparently was not fiable) started an independent life – of course, every morning I think I hear those 3 in the brush/woods at the end of my lot.

  7. Sue Belleville says

    I like a lot of them, Fly Like an Eagle is a good song, so is Blackbird, Mockingbird, etc. And its a wonderful idea…all these songs but….they’re really not about birds, more like feelings. Now this one I like best is Rockin’ Robin, its catchy, makes you think of a ‘cool’ bird and certainly gets your foot a tapping. Have a great day and let me know how the contest goes.

  8. Kelly says

    Three Little Birds by Bob Marley is one of my grandson Jake’s and my favorite songs. It’s such a happy little tune I sing it to him when he’s feeling sad.

  9. Earl Fisher says

    I like the good feeling about birding from the video filmed at the Black Swamp Observatory! What a neat place/area. Yea Boods and Blirms. :-)

  10. Debbie Coop says

    I love birds too! I invented ( wine bottle birdfeeders) they are so cool birds love them and squirrals hate them. So I think it so cool that people have the same love for birds… to dance and just have fun on the video. Keep up the good work, I love watching it. My favorite song is Free bird by Lynyrd Skynhyrd. Thanks again, Debbie Coop


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