Have You Ordered Your Seed Catalogs Yet?

I realize that it might seem a bit early to be planning your spring and summer garden right now.  Especially if your ground is frozen and it is hard to find any plants with green on them.  But, even if it is too cold to even think of going out in the garden this time of year – it doesn’t keep you from planning on what you will plant once spring arrives.

Garden Seed Catalog and Package of Seeds

I love seed catalogs.  As a child, I would look through my father’s Burpee seed catalog and plan on what I would plant in my garden when I grew up.  I would circle the flowers that I would plant (I must admit that I mostly ignored the vegetables because I wasn’t a huge fan of them when I was 7).

Now that I am grown, I find myself eagerly awaiting the arrival of seed catalogs in January.  I pick out a cozy corner to just sit and plan on which seeds I want to plant.  I confess that I concentrate mostly on vegetable seeds now, but I do still pick out some flower seeds to try.

So, have you ordered your seed catalogs yet?  Even if spring is a long time away where you live, you can still start planning and envisioning yourself out in the garden enjoying your new vegetables and flowers.  If you live in an area with mild winters, you can start planting your seeds soon, so it’s a good idea to get started now deciding on what you want to plant.

Here are some links where you can order seed catalogs.

Botanical Interests



Park Seed

Of course, these are just a sampling of the many companies out there that you can buy flower and/or vegetable seeds from.  For more options, simply enter “seed catalog” in your favorite search engine.

I confess that this year, I couldn’t wait for my favorite seed catalog to arrive.  I went online and ordered my seeds and received them in the mail a day after my catalog arrived :-)

So, order your favorite seed catalog(s) and start planning your springtime garden!



  1. Chrisw says

    I love to view these magazines but I do buy local unless I am unable to find what I like one is parsnips which I ordered
    over the net but still from my home state.
    I have invested in a seed bank so I will be using the seeds that I can harvest myself
    and reuse each year. Another idea is if you like peppers get one from your local store and grow the seeds. Worked for me and
    I was picking bell peppers through November.
    I always start from seed with my gardening and enjoy the harvest each year.
    Can’t wait to get going for 2012! You can go to this site for a comparison of each offered. I am not related to anyhone at these sites or promote anything I have not used myself.
    Happy and healthy growing

  2. Noelle (Southwest) says

    Hi Maureen,

    You can find great sources for all you need by doing a search online. I just entered “sources for seed potatoes” and another one for “houseplant seeds” and found many links. I would also try entering the search term “plant societies listings”, which should give you a list to choose from.


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