Holiday Gift Guide 2012

We recently pulled together our favorite holiday gift ideas for the Birds & Blooms December/January issue. And the best part? They’re all $20 or less! If you have a bird, garden or outdoor lover in your life, then you might want to consider these great products.


FOR THE HUMMINGBIRD FANATIC: Feeding hummingbirds isn’t about looks, but it doesn’t hurt to have a pretty feeder like this glass one., $20

FOR THE HIGHLY CAFFEINATED: This organic, sustainably grown coffee will give your recipient a pick-me-up and support bird habitats at the same time. Don’t worry, there’s decaf, too., $12

FOR THE CONTAINER GARDENER: No one wants to break his or her back hauling big pots full of dirt, so this burlap girdle and grow bag are perfect for container planting., $15

FOR THE JEWELRY CONNOISSEUR: Who wouldn’t want these darling owls hanging from her pierced lobes?, $12

FOR THE HOME GROWER: Mushrooms—you either love’em or hate ’em. The mushroom fanciers in your life can grow oyster mushrooms right from their own kitchens with this kit., $20

FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS EVERYTHING: Is there anyone who can’t use another mug for pencils, pens, candy, random tiny gadgets or even, well, coffee?, $14

FOR THE BIRD ADDICT: It’s true what they say: A bird-watcher can never have too many feeders. This two-pack includes three 8-oz. feeders and one sock feeder, so you can give one pack away and keep one for yourself!, $15

FOR THE PUZZLE LOVER: Check both a puzzle fan and an animal lover off your list with this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle., $17

FOR SOMEONE WHO LIVES IN T’S: Any gardener would be proud to wear this T-shirt, in or out of the flower bed., $18


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    Love this list! Can I add another idea? You could also plant a virtual flower (starting at $5) for charity for a garden lover without a garden or yard or who has everything garden-related already. Could be a nice stocking stuffer. See the adorable Sienna’s Flower Garden site ( And you’ll be planting the best kind of flower – one filled with love, support and hope!

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