Homemade Hummingbird Feeder

Earlier this year, I received a beautiful, glass hummingbird feeder as a gift.  Unfortunately, it did not come with a stopper or feeder tube, so I ordered one online. When the package arrived, I was surprised to find not just one stopper/ feeder tube, but 12.  So, I now had the stopper/feeding tube that I needed for my glass feeder along with a box of 11 leftover.

Well, those extra stopper/feeder tubes have been on my mind quite a bit lately.  Now, I have two hummingbird feeders in my back garden – a glass one which hangs from my patio and a plastic one hanging in front of my kitchen window.  But I decided that I could always use another one.  I had the perfect spot in mind too….hanging from my Palo Verde tree.  So, I decided that since I had a box of stoppers/feeder tubes that I would make my own.

My homemade hummingbird feeder.


I used a water bottle, some wire and one of my many stopper/feeder tubes.  My husband wrapped wire around the feeder while I was busy making the nectar.  You can find the recipe here.



The wire is wrapped around the top and then another piece is hooked to either side.  Do not make any holes in the water bottle, since this will cause all the nectar to leak out.

Fill the feeder up to the top with nectar and then put in the stopper/feeder tube, turn upside down quickly and hang up.  The feeder operates using a vacuum.  Do not add any red color to the nectar – you really don’t need it and it may be harmful to hummingbirds.

At this point, you could decorate the bottle and even create beautiful designs with the wire using needle-nose pliers.  This would be a fantastic project for kids.  The box of stopper/feeder tubes that I purchased was very inexpensive. You can buy them online from any number of retailers.

Admittedly, our feeder is very basic and free from decoration.  But just 24 hours after hanging it up….



Ever since, this has been the most popular feeder in my garden and I have had two hummingbirds numerous times during the day.

So, how about you…do you have a hummingbird feeder?  If not, make your own!  Or if you do have one, you can always make room for more.  You can create a more artistic version using DIY instructions here.

Have you made your own feeder before?  Tell us about it if you have :-)

  1. says

    I love nature and everything that has to do with it! love birds,all kind of animals dogs, cats… you name it I love it. Planning on making a bird feeder, have lost of birds here in P R.

    • Dawn says

      I saw the cork piece and the tube with end on it for sale at Ace Hardware. Any hardware should have them…hope it helps.

  2. Carol says

    Where can you buy these tube stoppers? What is their exact name. They look similar to the feeding bottles for bunnies & hamsters etc… I wouldn’t want to accidenatlly order those.

    • Donna says

      Where did you purchase the feeder tubes and stoppers on line? Can you get them from a hardware store?

  3. says

    I bought some glass globes at a drug store which were hummingbird feeders and looked so nice, better than the plastic ones; however, the rubber stopper did NOT keep it from leaking. I can’t calk it since it needs to be opened, cleaned and filled from the neck.

  4. Barbara Roberts says

    Please reconsider the use of a plastic bottle for this feeder. Most plastic ones have BPA in them, which is a carcinogen, and leaches out into the water/nectar. You could use a glass wine bottle, thoroughly cleaned out, of course, and wrap the wire around it down to the neck, which would hold it securely. Using a length of copper wire would be pretty and it is very easy to shape. You can even decorate the end at the neck with a curlicue and some beads or something. That would be preferable in my opinion.

    • says

      My problem with using glass and/or anything expensive is the other critters in my yard – I have to bring ALL my feeders inside at dusk. Otherwise the raccoons and who knows what else thinks our yard is an amusement park and disassembles all the feeders – both the seed and hummer nectar feeders. There are many plastic bottles now being made without the BPA stuff – it will tell you so on the label. Also, I make my own nectar, the stuff at the store that they sell, “MY” hummers and orioles won’t drink it! Guess that “homemade” food really is best!! : )

  5. maxine's mom says

    “So, how about you…do you have a hummingbird feeder? If not, make your own! Or if you do have one, you can always make room for more. You can create a more artistic version using DIY instructions here.”

    the statement above click and read that site and it will tell you where you can get those stoppers.

  6. Pat says

    I am having the same problem that Hilde mentioned. Someone gave me a lovely glass feeder with the rubber stopper and I can’t get it to stop leaking. Within a couple of days it was empty. Can anyone suggest a solution? Thank you for any help you can offer.

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