Homemade suet recipe

I feel behind the times when it comes to suet recipes.  There are many suggested ways to make it, and this may be a tired subject for a lot of you.  But here goes anyway.

The birds shied away from my deck over the past few weeks, as I have been having my roof replaced.  Since I want to entice them back I have decided I need to jump in a make a suet recipe for those feathered friends that have been waiting patiently to have the deck to themselves again.  This is something I have never tried, so after doing a little research I have scoured my cupboard for ingredients.  I want to start out easy, so I haven’t purchased anything like rendered fat.  Here is what I came up with, pictures were added just for fun.   First, the ingredients I used:










Next, some fun pictures of the process:

A few forms to make it Christmasy









Mixing the ingredients








A snowman to get into the spirit:

To see if it would hold together













Ready to refrigerate for an hour:

Small bundt pans seem to be the perfect size, just poked a hole in the center









Finally, ready to use some jute to hang them in the trees.

For some ideas for you own suet check this site out.  Here is another great one from our own Birds and Blooms.

Don’t you think putting together some homemade suet, a bag of bird seed and a copy of the Birds and Blooms magazine would make a perfect gift for your birding friends?





  1. Victoria K. Hoffer says

    Dear Birds and Blooms, In the December/ Janurary edition of Birds and Blooms a woman from Darien, Illinios named Mary Lou Rosemont talked about a recipe that Mom told her about to make squirrel peanut butter cookies. She only mentioned the ingredients. I was wondering if it is at all possible to get the complete reciepe. My squirrels are taking over my bird feeders and I thought this may free up the feeders so the birds can eat also.
    Vicki Hoffer
    Hershey, PA

  2. Stacy Dorsett says

    By accident we discovered that squirrels LOVE scotcheroos (the rice crispy treats made with peanut butter). We’ve altered the ingredients to use crunchy peanut butter and cheerios instead of puffed rice. The squirrels grab them up and head up the tree to enjoy. So much fun to watch.

  3. lila mcgraw says

    You don’t need to buy rendered fat!! You can make it yourself. Everytime you fry bacon or hamburger, save the fat. Anytime you cook beef or pork, save the fat. Trim fat off of chops, steaks or roasts then cook the fat out of it!!! Save it for your recipe. they need animal fat. That’s what replaces bugs that aren’t as abundant in the winter as the rest of the year.
    Honey is expensive. they don’t really need it.

  4. Donna Kidd says

    I’ve been making suet for my woodpeckers & nut hatches. They are so adorable climbing up & down the wall upside down. I’ve been using lard, peanut butter, cheerios, old fashioned oats, & birdseed. Sometimes I’ll throw in peanuts or rainsins. They seem to love it and we enjoy it.

  5. Sue Lemberger says

    Most of my Birdies love just plain peanut butter. I spread it on the tree trunks or in a log feeder with the holes drilled in it. They also really depend on my three heated bird baths for water!! PS: I know peanut butter is getting expensive, but I watch for the store brand on sale.

    • Mariana Perfetto says

      Read a recent story where a lady is using unflavored gelatin to bond the seed mixture. Its an idea, I would like to try.

  6. Mariana Perfetto says

    Have made suet from fat and peanut butter. A recent story caught my attention. The lady is using unflavored gelatin to bond her mixture. Thats an idea I would like to try. Her molds are plastic easter eggs. Fit into egg cartons easily. She is even selling them on her website.

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