House Wren Haven

This House Wren peaked out the entrance to it’s comfy nest in the birdhouse to see what I was up to. There are one or more nestlings inside the bird house that the parents are feeding. Since they usually have 5-8 eggs according to the National Audubon Society, there are likely several hungry babies waiting for food. In the photo below the parent bird is bringing a good sized worm to it’s offspring.

While I watched both parents made a number of trips to bring food to the nestlings. They were hurrying so fast to fill those hungry mouths that they had a traffic jam as they both arrived with food at the nest box.

House Wrens are the truly plain brown bird. They are small, only about 5 inches long, with brown feathering that is darker on the upperside and lighter on the lowerside. They do show barring on their wings and tails that is distinctive.  And they often cock their tails up in the air, a feature distinctive to wrens.

They have a bubbly song–listen to them on the Cornell ‘All About Birds’ webpage for this species. They are found throughout all of the lower 48 states and some parts of Canada though they only be present during summer in most areas.

This family was fortunate to have a nice nest box to raise their babies. House Wrens are so named because they are not shy about making their nests near where humans live. They are well known for making their nests in just about any cavity they can find including mailboxes, flowerpots and boots left on porches. Because of this they are one of the better known bird species.

I bet there are readers who have interesting stories about the crazy places they have seen House Wrens nest. So please share them below.

  1. Virginia Keyes says

    Ihave just seen a bird I cannot identify I think it is a House Wren , never saw one before ! I think it is a baby ,it is hanging with the sparrows ! It has a large neck and a hooked beak!! I live in Connecticut , and I see they are further south !!!I have pictures of him . He likes the birdbath too!!!

  2. Tracey Epling says

    The Wrens have taken over 2 of my Bluebird houses..I even have a wire mesh cover so larger birds don’t get in but they took over and even destroyed my third brood of eggs…I have emptied the box but they made another nest..guess I am ton a have to buy more houses….

  3. says

    I have wrens in a flower pot of spiter plant on my porch and it has 4 babies.I love hearing them sing and watching her feed them.picture on my facebook.your picture is beautiful.thanks for sharing

  4. says

    I have a wren that has a nest in a pot of spiter plant on my has 4 babies.I love watching her feed them and listening to her sing.your picture is picture is on facebook.thank you for posting

  5. Deborah says

    Yes, must agree that House Wrens Are known for their unusual nesting spots! Have a friend who had a Wren build its nest on
    her door wreath….and this summer, I had a nest built inside my half-basket planter, up against the house (by the slider). The
    nest was nestled between the begonia’s.. Had noticed the Wrens stopped coming in- so inspected the planter and found 2 nests
    on top of each other. the bottom nest had 1 egg in it! How interesting is that!!
    FYI..I’m keeping the egg!

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