Magical Moon Gardens

Jill Staake

Many gardeners complain that they only get to enjoy their gardens on the weekends. Weekday daylight hours are often filled with work, errands, chores and other obligations that conspire to keep garden lovers busy until long after the sun sets. For these gardeners, I propose planting a moon garden.

Photo by Kristen Gilpin

This small moon garden in Central Florida is planted under a Moon Sycamore tree. Click the image to learn more.

Moon gardens are full of flowers and plants best appreciated at night: white or pale blooms and foliage to catch the moonlight, and flowers that emit their scents more strongly after dark. I like to add white flowers that provide nectar for visiting moths. People also include fountains, lighting, and other soothing decor to bring a sense of peace. Here are some ideas for building a moon garden of your own.

Moon Garden Plants:

Moonflowers are the perfect fit in a moon garden. Photo by Jen Giordano.

Moon Garden Accents:

Solar moon stake from Gardener's Supply Company

Lighted Fountain available at

Do you have a moon garden? Tell us about the plants, accents, and more you use to make it unique!


  1. […] Plant a moon garden. Moon gardens are designed to be enjoyed at night, when the majority of moths are flying. They include night-blooming plants, along with white and light-colored blooms to catch and reflect the moonlight, and they’re a great place to look for moths. Learn more about creating a Moon Garden here. […]

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