Name Our Cover Bird

Did you see the adorable Carolina chickadee on the cover of our January issue? We loved him (or her) so much that we thought it needed a name. So let’s have a little fun. Submit your idea by making a comment on this post (below where it says “Leave a Comment”).

What does it look like to you? Please just submit one name per person. We’ll pick our favorite in the next few weeks and send out a surprise.



  1. Florence Witham says

    I thought the bird looks like a chickadee and a penguin so I thought a good name would be Chic-Pea would be a good name (combination of Chickadee and penguin)

  2. Noel Roebuck says

    The black cap reminds me of the top hat that Winston Churchill wore – complete with his full rounded face! So “Winston Churchill” is my name suggestion for the Carolina chickadee!

  3. vivian johnes says

    I would have to call him Buddy. The ones in my yard follow me around at feeding time calling “dee dee dee”. If I am late getting out there they have no trouble letting me know.

  4. Lynda Morton says

    Looks like this chickadee was surprised to get it’s picture on the cover of Birds & Blooms, so I think it should be named “Whome (Who Me?) Chickadee.”

  5. Marilyn Oppenheimer says

    Since the cover tells us the issue includes attracting birds this season, I think the name “Winter” would be appropriate. :-)

  6. Wendy says

    I would call this little Chickadee JIGNEY. Which is Indian in origin and means Curious, which is exactly the look this litte guy has on his face.

  7. Lynne Miller says

    It’s a Black Capped Chickadee; Maines state bird. I live in Maine and that’s one of the birds that are freqeunt visitors to our bird feeders lately along with the Tufted Titmice and the White-Breasted Nuthatches.

  8. Walker says

    Mine talk to me every day. I’ve managed to get one brave one to come take seed from my hand. Their talk to me, “Chicka-dee-dee-dee”. They flick, they flutter, and dive in to grab a seed and fly into a tree or bush to crack it open and eat the Black Seed meat inside. :)

  9. Sheila Pappas says

    I’d name him “Abe”. He reminds me of Abraham Lincoln with the top hat and beard plus he looks pretty serious, too.

  10. Gail Durant says

    Miss Spirit….Its short for Christmas Spirit……

    just happens to be my dogs name and she’s balck and white also…so thus her name….
    Merry Christmas!!!!!

  11. bj pine says

    Carol can be a male or female name (note the magazine mentions it could be male or female) and since it is a CAROLina Chickadee….how about “Carol?” PLUS it is a winter issue and “carols” are songs of Christmas. comes from a word of old German origin that means “free man,” making it a further fitting nomer for a wild bird…

  12. Crystal says

    My 3 year old son loved our sweet chickadees and would meet them at the window everyday. He always called them “My Kee Kees” so let’s call this sweety, Kee Kee Dee.

  13. Patty Bacon says

    The black capped chickadee has always made me think of an very proper English butler in his grey suit, white collared shirt, black tie and hat -or- the very proper maid in similarly feminine garb. How about “Maid Butler ” (since we’re not sure of its gender)?

  14. Wesley Hendley says

    If it’s a female, I suggest Miss Flower Belle Lee, the character played by Mae West in “My Little Chickadee” with W.C. Fields. Or if it’s a male, just call it W.C., incidentally also the initials for Winter Chickadee!

  15. Linda says

    I think it looks like “Sebastian” Cabot … English gentleman’s gentleman, “Mr. French” from the old show Family Affair. Sorry, I know you said just one name, but it is a possible Sebastian or Mr. French.

  16. LH West says

    “Sylvester” the cat in cognito “I taught I saw a puddy tat”…”I did..I did”! Or, “Sebastian” Cabot “Mr. French” from the old show Family Affair.

  17. Marilyn Walsh says

    I was thinking we needed to identify the bird, itself…very proud of myself for knowing it was a chickadee…! ha ha

    I guess you could call her Mae West for the movie…?

    • Sally says

      After I named the little chickadee THEN I read all of the comments- Elizabeth we must think alike- the first thing that popped into my head was SNOWBALL.

  18. Elaine Rayanic says

    I have a picture of a chickadee sitting on my husbands hand and eating. We had the bird come for several years.

  19. Susan Brown says

    I love the little bird and the magazine is a treat for me. I think his name should be,” Chickee “, as in Chickee Baby!

  20. T.G. says

    I think the name for the Chickadee should be ‘Blue Bonnet’. These are such little bubbly birds and so sweet looking.

  21. karen new says

    when looking at this cute bird it reminds me of a penguin , obviously because of it’s coloring. So, I think it’s name should be “pinguin”. A pinguin chickadee.

  22. kathy says

    he is soo cute. i think his name should be chico chickadee, because they are the friendliest bird i know and chico means friend.

  23. Irene Rush says

    Since it’s the January issue, it should be “Captain January!!” Love these little birds, they are my favorite ,so friendly and sweet. Always whistle to them and they always answer back!! They nest and raise young ones in my bird house every year here in the Pocono Mtns of PA.


    …like your Jan. 2012 cover. chickadee’s seem to flit here ‘n there
    so I will submit the name “Flitter”

  25. susanshawd says

    I also thought the little cutie on the Jan. cover looked like a penguin, but thought the name “Tuxedo” Chickadee to be a good name.

  26. Lisa Galloway says

    I think He/She looks like a soldier waiting for his/her orders.
    Plus it is cold outside.
    The name should be Happy Feet.

  27. Patricia Kozak says

    My favorite bird to watch in the spring and early summer while taking care of its brood. This one looks a little round so I think Chubber would be a fitting name.

  28. Cindy Weirich says

    How about Oreo. The markings on his head look just like an over stuffed oreo and Chickadees are always a sweet treat anytime of the year! One of my favorites to watch.

  29. Kerry says

    Dottie- after my husband’s aunt who passed away recently at age 90. She had a stroke in her forties which robbed her of the ability to speak but that didn’t stop her from being a wonderful cook, great bridge player, and distance swimmer. This little charmer carries the same light in her eyes.

  30. Amy Romansky says

    I’m going with Rorschach, because his face looks like one of those tests psychiatrists give patients (not that I’ve ever had one, LOL!)

    • Diane_D. says

      I thought the same as you and several others here, and I even wrote a little poem, but now that I’ve finally gotten around to visiting this blog to post it, I see what I should have already noticed under “ON THE COVER” on the magazine’s contents page: it’s actually a CAROLINA chickadee!
      Would someone remind me please: is there any way other than range to reliably tell them apart?
      Oh, well, here’s my verse, anyway:

      “CAPPY” is a dapper chap,
      a black-capped chickadee.
      Year-round he sings out merrily
      and flits from tree to tree.
      My feeder rarely welcomes
      a friendlier bird than he,
      And ‘though winter’s gray,
      his spirit’s bright,
      a pure delight to see!

  31. Pam Faulkner says

    I think this sweet little birds name should be ” Sweet Pea”, because they have a sweet chirp when they sing and her head looks like a black eyed pea….;D

  32. Barbara Land-Nowlan says

    I always look forward to getting Birds &Blooms and the extra Birds & Blooms.
    We have lots of birds around here. I have always had bird feeders out all year.
    I even took a glass lamp shade that is blue and white and put it on top of a bird feeder.
    Thanks for a wonderful cover on each magazine and all the info too. Barb

  33. Carol says

    The first thing that came to my mind for a name for this chickadee was “Chicee” , because it looks like an attractive bird.

  34. Barbara says

    “January”, A great name for a “Chickadee on the first cover of Birds & Blooms Extra, January 2012”!!!
    I think he/she is absolutely adorable, and displays a brave face!!!

  35. Portia Cooper says

    I thought — “Winter’s Puffball” — because that’s the way they can live through the very cold weather.
    So the name “Puffy” would fit.

  36. Winelda Bishop says

    The litle chickadee reminds me of “Chilly Willy” a penquin cartoon character I used to watch with my children. They seems to have our grown such entertainment, but I haven’t. The little fellow looks cold, too. I’d suggest “Chilly Willy”

  37. Kristine Koempel says

    Her name is Deeva because this quiet, timid chickadee alone on a branch is observing other loud and cheerful chickadees be-bopping around, so she’s an innocent diva in the making.

  38. Winelda Bishop says

    Why make comments at all if you are just going to hold them for “moderation”? Whatever that means, then ask for another comment.

  39. Cherry Miesse says

    a few years ago a chickadee fly into my front door and knocked him self out ,, I picked him up ,, and the top of he head is as soft as silk ,,, so I would call him Silky,, he was not out very long,,

  40. says

    Being from the Carolina’s myself, I think a good name for our little friend would be ” GYPSY!” She is all over the place and travels around from place to place. I now live in NY, yep we are GYPSY’s !!

  41. Joanne Beall says

    This little black-capped (?) chickadee looks a little chilly on that branch!
    How about we name her…… Chic-chilla

  42. Emma-Rose Chambers says

    I think the chickadee should be named Winter or if it is a boy i think Thunder would suit him.( just to let you know I’m ten years of age and the photography is exellent.)

  43. Cheer says

    This little bird always brings happiness ! His voice, telling me to hurry up with the seeds always gets an answer.” Come and get it, wee ones.” He and his friends entertain us all year round. God bless the birds.

  44. Cheer says

    This little bird always brings happiness. His voice telling me to hurry up with his seeds always gets answered.” Come and get it.”

  45. Nancy says

    This is one of my favorite type of Chickadees ~ the Black-Capped Chickadee!! We have
    a nickname for them when we see them in our backyard ~ “the BC Chick”! They are so
    much fun to watch!

  46. Colleen Stimeling says

    He looks like “Magic.” The black cap and coat and there’s always something mysterious about birds of any kind.

  47. Jo Ann says

    Chikki . It’s chic, it’s cheeky, it’s a chickadee. So you could pronounce it either Chicky or Cheeky, either one, tho I meant it more as Chicky with a cute fun way to spell it.

  48. Nina Miller says

    I would name he/she “Skeppie”. It looks sorta skeptical about something so I’d like it called “Skeppie”

  49. alicia olcsvay says

    The chickadee should be named Houston. Why? With all of this ice, we have a problem. We can’t get to the berries. Houston, we have a problem.

  50. Whisper Means says

    My friend, who is enrolled in the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes went through an Tribal naming ceremony for her daughter. Her daughter’s great grandmother named her Chickadee. So my vote is for Kelsy:) I think the name fits the picture as well!


    I think this bird is saying “What makes you think I have an attitude?” His name could just be “Tude”.

  52. Roseann Andaloro says

    I think he looks like a maitre d’ in a fancy restaurant and I would love to have him show me to my seat! I would name him MAITRE D’.

  53. Inez Hull says

    Little chickadees always give a call when they visit the feeder so I would call this one: Melodee
    for he’s a Chere dee dee

  54. Bunny Wandel says

    It is a black capped chickadee inviting you to lunch. Knowing it is a bit chilly please dress for lunch, as he did.

  55. says

    I noticed his cute beady little eyes, and I thought of the name BeadyBird, I wanted to expand the name, so BeadyBeauBird entered my thoughts; and that could be shortened to BDBobird. Has a nice ring to it? Yes?

  56. says

    I tried to think of how a chickadee moves about my garden and the best description would be he “Bops” from tree to tree to feeder. I thought “Dee-Bop” suited this little guy, combining chicka-dee with bop.

  57. Jill Nordin says

    I believed the bird to be a black capped chickadee>>>>its little “mask” reminds me of Zorro but it is way to cute a little chicadee to be ChicZoro, so I settled on chick deZor.

  58. Jill Nordin says

    I see I spelled the wrong “too”……and my thought was “soup du jour” chick duZor. Sorry for the typos. Jill

  59. Laadydi says

    Call it Chippy — they do make a “chippy” sound, and they are just adorable. Wish we had them in SoCal. I loved ’em growing up in Illinois, and the do live here in the bay area of SF.

  60. Jeanne Connell says

    I apologize. Under the Website tab I thought it meant what website did you find this contest on, so I typed in this one. I’m still not sure what it means. : /

  61. Rochelle Lockwood says

    Cute little thing!!! I’m thinking the black and white, I would name this little chickadee “Oreo”. Good luck everyone!

  62. Dana and John Datko says

    Because of his happy countenance and upbeat personality, we think “Cheeky” is the perfect name!

  63. Kyle McGrogan says

    This bird has enough attitude, so a good name for him (or her) would be “Max Headroom” from the 1970’s……
    The bird just cries out for a memorable nom de plume!


    Kyle F. McGrogan

  64. Julianna McGrogan says

    My suggestion is “Black Jack”–a reference to the coloration on his/her head as well as being a small and perky enough name for a small and perky little bird with lots of attitude.

  65. Bridgie says

    tweedledee is cute but already taken. But tweedledum isnt!!
    I also like cutie cause he’s cute and his like a little chubber (like that name too) like the orange!!

  66. Corie McGovern says

    I would name him bruce springsong – I have a chickadee that sings this pretty little song to me when I am at the feeders. It is so sweet and makes me think of spring – so I call him Bruce Springsong.

  67. Corie McGovern says

    I would name him Bruce Springsong – I have a checkadee that sings a pretty little song to me when I am at my feeders. It is so sweet and makes me think of spring – so I call him Bruce SpringSong.

  68. Maude Datzenko says

    I thought Tee-dee (or TD) was appropriate given its call; but dee-dee is just as appropriate! Love these bossy little guys who let you know when they are annoyed because you interruped their feeding. . . .to give them fresher seed!

  69. tami corso says

    oh !! this is my favorite bird since childhood. and looking at her on the cover she looks like a KADEE (pronounce KAY-DEE). they are just so adorable…Thank you,


  70. Dede says

    That is funny people think they should be named Dee Dee. Maybe that is why I like them cause my name is Dede. Cute.

  71. Larry Huzi says

    Looking at this adorable chickadee, we decided Geneva would be the proper name for herwith her very inquisitive look and adorable little beak!

  72. Lisa Feeley says

    This little guy looks like he isn’t going to take any crap from anyone or anything…he looks like a Buster to me :)

  73. Glenda V. says

    IRIS – a short, sweet name for a short, sweet bird.
    Iris is another word for blue and it describes her tiny blue beak.

  74. Cherie says

    I focused on the blue bill on a feathered friend who is typically thought of in black/white/grey. I would call this one “Bluebill”

  75. L. Davidson says

    When I saw the picture of the little Chickadee on the cover of the January issue, the name Chester came to mind. Chickadee/s are one of my favorite birds. Chester would be perfect!

  76. Mikki Cook says

    Name the cover bird: I think our little friend should be named Holly Buddy! Get it, a play on the name Buddy Holly! Our little friend is on a holly berry twig, so I see it to be very fitting.

    Second entry, since I called him/her “our little friend” that would be my second choice! Just kidding, I just realized I repeated myself and thought I was a comedian for a second, HA!


  77. Karl says

    I think he should be called Blackbeard. Since he is a Carolina Chickadee and Blackbeard the pirate used to ply the waters off the Carolina coast. His black chest looks like a beard.

  78. Bonnie Steinmetz says

    I think a great name for our feathered friend is Tuxedo. This little guy is all dressed up for the season.


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