Oh so cute baby sloths

Baby sloth-©SlothSanctuary

Baby sloths have such sweet faces!!  When I found out about The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica and saw some of their photos and videos of their rescued sloths, I thought this would be a nice addition to a feature story in the January, 2012  edition of Birds and Blooms Magazine Extra  (‘Birding in Paradise’) about traveling to Central and South America to view their amazing tropical birds.

I went on a birding trip to Costa Rica and I not only enjoyed the wonderful birds found there but other wildlife including a Three-toed Sloth I saw while on a small boat tour of the Rio Frio–this was so special that, though it has been more than 15 years, I still vividly recall watching this sloth as it moved ever so slowly in the trees.

The baby sloths as shown in these photos are just so darling and appealing with their big eyes.  The Sloth Sanctuary of rescues and treats both adults and babies that have been orphaned, injured and ill.   They have a number of resident sloths that are unable to be released back into the wild.

Since they move so slowly, and are so cute, they are great subjects for nature photography.   Check out this video.

If I go back to Costa Rica, and I sure do want to as there is an amazing variety of birds (like those pictured in the Birds and Blooms Magazine article noted above) and other critters, I plan to visit the Sloth Sanctuary and take some of their tours.

  • Have you ever visited Central or South America or do you plan to?
  • Have you ever seen a sloth?
  • Don’t you just love these cute sloths?




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