Dressing Up a Simple Plant Stand for Fall

Jill Staake

If you have an IKEA in your area, you may know addictive it is to wander the enormous store looking for bargains to fit your home. The fun thing about many IKEA items is that they are very simple and modern – perfect for adding accents and creating your own style. (In fact, whole websites exist dedicated to celebrating the ways people have “hacked” their IKEA products.) On a recent trip to the mega-store, I found a simple white three-tier metal plant stand that I could immediately imagine setting on my back porch and customizing for different holidays and seasons. So, I present to you my first dressed-up plant stand, themed for fall.

Fall Plant Stand

Fall, of course, means mums to just about everyone. Even though I don’t exactly love them, these bright yellow ones did show up nicely against the white. I also hit my local craft store for some leaves made of silk and bulap, including some orange ginkgo leaves that I just loved. I also picked up berries, acorns, and other decorations, including some miniature lights that look sort of like candlelights. I wired them into place around the stand, and – for a little touch of whimsy – added a small porcupine made of sisal, tucked away in one of the pots.

Fall Plant Stand

Fall Plant Stand Details

My mind is already brimming with ideas of how to decorate this plant stand for Christmas, winter, and beyond. If you owned this plant stand, how would you dress it up to match your style?

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