Planter Decor from Fall Cleanup

It’s been weeks since I brought in all my tender plants and my potted kitchen garden herbs. The last of my fall flowers are waning and most of the leaves are gone from the trees.

We’ve had wonderful sunny, cool weather here in the Midwest. This has allowed me to slowly prepare my garden for winter — dividing and sharing perennials, planting bulbs and finishing a concrete project.  That’s not always the case :-D, usually I’m caught off guard by an early snow which leaves me scrambling to put things away and to make some attempt to clean up soaking wet, fallen leaves!

Last weekend my hubby was vacuuming and mulching leaves and trimming our evergreen trees. I followed behind collecting the trimmings for the compost.

Each year, I usually buy spruce tips to put in my pots near my front door. I use straw and pumpkins through Thanksgiving, then adorn them with a sleigh and a Christmas ribbon through the New Year.

This year, I decided to take some of the larger evergreen branches we’d trimmed from the trees and put them in my planter. Perfect! No expensive spruce tips to buy, but the same result. LOVE it. I added a pot of mums, a fall ribbon and called it good.

fall planter decor | paula bonelli |

What items from your fall cleanup have you
recycled or reused as outdoor decoration?

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