Plants Named ‘Valentine’

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to see how many plants I could find with the name ‘Valentine’.  I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised at the different kinds that I found.

The first one that I would like to share with you is my second favorite plant of all time.  It is a shrub that is called ‘Valentine’.  I was introduced to this shrub over 10 years ago when the representative of the wholesale nursery that I used, brought it into my office.

I asked her why it was called ‘Valentine’ and she responded by saying, “Just wait until you see how it looks on Valentine’s Day.”

Valentine (Eremophila maculata 'Valentine')

Beginning in late December, flowers buds begin to appear along the length of the branches and start opening in January, with peak bloom in February.  The flowers last until early May.  The reasons I love this shrub are many.  Beside the beautiful flowers, they offer a bright spot of color to the winter garden, they shrubs require pruning once a year once they have finished flowering and are drought-tolerant, although they do best with regular water.

I have 3 of these shrubs growing in my garden and they are in full bloom right now.  They grow 4 ft. high and tall and are hardy to zone 8.

In addition to the shrub ‘Valentine’, I also found some other plants with ‘Valentine’ in their name.

Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis) Photo: Tranendes Herz

Have you ever noticed that the flowers of Bleeding Heart are heart-shaped?  This beautiful plant is also available in a variety known as ‘Valentine’, which has reddish blossoms, which appear in late winter until early spring.  They make great cut flowers and will last over a week in a vase.  They are hardy down to zone 3.

Believe it or not, my research into plants with the name ‘Valentine’, turned up a vegetable….

Rhubarb Photo: Dieter Weber

This Rhubarb hybrid, known as Valentine is prized for the fact that it retains its red color after it has been cooked.


There are quite a few other plants with the name ‘Valentine’ and they include:

– Lenten Rose ‘Valentine Green’   (Helloborus ‘Valentine Green’)  

– Daylily ‘Funny Valentine’   (Hemerocallis ‘Funny Valentine’)

– Thai Aglaonema ‘Valentine’   (Aglaonema ‘Valentine’)

– Monkeyflower ‘Valentine’   (Mimulus ‘Valentine’)

**Do you have any favorite ‘Valentine’ plants?  Please share them with us!




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