Poppy Pod Ornament

Here is a basic poppy pod ornament project you can make as fancy or simple as you like.

Poppy Pod ornament as promised.

You will need…
Dried poppy pods

Get your pods at craft stores or grow your own.

Razor knife
Flower scissors
Fingernail file
Small bowl
3” needle
Craft mat
Acrylic craft paint
Acrylic paint sealer (with sparkles)
2 beads
Metallic thread

Remove the stem and cut between the ribs on either side of the first chamber.

Rib and chamber detail.

Begin cutting half way between the top and bottom of the pod making small cuts and leave every other chamber intact.

Clean up the rough edges using the knife and fingernail file and remove any loose material with a soft paintbrush before painting.

Mix 2:1 paint and water in a bowl as a color wash to dye visible interior of the pod, swish around to cover and set aside to dry.

Place wet pod on a plastic sandwich bag to dry.

When dry paint the exterior with undiluted paint and let dry then finish with a sparkly clear topcoat.  If you do not have the clear sealer you can blow glitter onto the wet paint for a similar effect.

The pod top where it will be pierced.

Work the long needle through the top and stem end of the pod, taking care not to crack it.

How to thread the needle so the bead is at one end instead of just a knot.

String one bead onto the middle of the metallic thread and then both ends of the thread onto the needle.  The bead will secure the thread at one end when you run it through the pod.

The top becomes the bottom complete with a cute little bead.

Pull the thread off the needle and lace the second bead onto both ends of thread and tie off with a knot to keep it from falling off.  Finally tie a loop at the top and there you have it!

    • Patty says

      They are really pretty Claudia and easy enough to make that the kids can get involved in helping to decorate them. I have some spray painted in gold with iridescent glitter on them that look wonderful on the Christmas tree.

  1. Roxanne Bayle says

    Nice idea, my poppy pods are out in the garden. Any suggestion for milk weed pods; they are expected later.

    • Patty says

      Oh lucky you! I wish I had grown some. There are a lot of ideas out there if you search “Milkweed pod crafts” and look for images. I have seen little elves and Santa made from them, cradles with little bundled babies inside. They might make cute little boats too. I was also thinking they would look good if they were linked together, adding bright colored beads between them and painted fun colors for a cheery ornament for a window or by the front door.

    • Patty says

      The metallic thread really does add a special touch to this project. I would love to see what your staff comes up with for ideas on how to use metallic thread with poppy pods. You can post them on our facebook page.

  2. pauline says

    Cub scouts made ornaments milk weed pods,sprayed gold ,lined with silk,with cotton at bottom set miniature deer on (snow)cotton.Also arrange5 painted red pods in a circle to form a poinsettia with gold bead center or yellow pompom. Pauline

  3. Patty says

    Pauline that sounds so cute! I love the poinsettia idea too. I am a pod/cone freak and love hearing all these ideas as I am sure others do too. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  4. Deborah says

    Hi Patty-
    Thank you muchly for sharing with me your poppy pod ornament and providing
    wonderful detailed instructions. I will have to make some, myself 😉

  5. Barbara Thorson says

    I made some milkweed pod ornaments years ago and still have them in the ornament
    box. Actually it was a project that the childen did with my input.
    I sprayed some of the pods gold the glued colored sprinkles around the edges, on some I put sprinkles on the insides, I sprayed some of the pods silver, on some I glued very narrow ribbon around the edges. On all of them I made a small hole with an ice pick and used decorative ribbon or other tie for a hanger.
    Easy and they look really nice on the tree.

  6. Alex Gundersen says

    I found a website for consistently good pods with fast shipping: driedpodsandflowers.com

    I’ve tried out a few different ones and they are the best I’ve used. Had some trouble finding them at craft stores from time to time, so it was easier to get them online.

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