Summer Fun and Bird Lists

Summer is a wonderful time to engage the whole family in educational fun as you play and travel together outdoors.  Getting the kids or even grandma and grandpa started on a bird life list is something that you can do during summer.  Its never too late to start and can be a lot of fun.

It's fun checking off the birds!

Get a bird checklist for the state or states you need online, print them out and just go down the list checking off the ones you have seen.  Use the checked birds to add to each person’s life list.  You may be surprised how many you have seen only once or twice and didn’t think much about it as a child.

Some lists use very small print so get a magnifier out or have a blown up copy made.

You can make your life list as detailed as an illustrated field journal or as simple as a checkmark next to the name of the bird or a list on your computer.  If you add when and where you saw the bird it helps to remind you of your experience when you share your list with others too.

I’ll be scouring bird lists from states I have visited or lived in myself now as it hit me while writing this that I missed adding some over the years.  Better late than never.

I wonder what I will find here?

Have fun and happy birding!


Northwest Region bird checklists by state.

Northern CA

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