The End of a Season

The northwest is one of the fortunate areas of the country that has definite seasons:
Spring, with all of its brilliant colors, expanding life, buds and blossoms displaying incredible
spirit; Summer with its bright and energetic light lending it’s energy to all creatures; Autumn
provides satisfaction, colors are more muted as we prepare for harvesting; and Winter, the
opportunity for life to regenerate, grooming the land for the next cycle.

These seasons are important to me. The beginning of fall usually signifies regret on what I
didn’t complete during the spring and summer.  I will generally look around and feel bad
because plants are dying in the pots they came in, weeds are choking my rose beds, or its
time for last ditch deadheading on the hanging pots on the deck.

Final landscape project for summer

This year I am taking a more positive outlook and I am starting the fall by benchmarking what I have accomplished.  I have taken great strides in projects I have been wanting to complete for years, such as beginning to landscape the dead areas of my yard.

Baby steps….I began my greenhouse project, a place to provide protection for what didn’t get planted.  The parts I need to complete it are simple, such as hang the plastic before it gets too cold and install the misting line to keep them damp when necessary, something easily attached to my faucet.  No regrets, simply pleasure at what has been accomplished.



King of the bird feeder



I have spent time learning the habits of some of the fascinating species of birds in the area. And I have gained confidence in my ability to learn more.  Summer’s end will be highlighted by photos of these memories.




Yearly display centered in Mount Angel

In Mount Angel we end our summer — begin Autumn with the Ocktoberfest, a celebration of harvest and thanks for all of the hard work from one and all, this year it’s September 15 -18.  If you’ve ever been to an Ocktoberfest you’ll know its lots of food, music and crafting from extremely talented people.    Everyone is welcome is to join us. I stopped earlier as the set up was beginning and took a few pictures.

One of my favorite booths has a variety of bulbs: hyacinth, tulips, iris. I always pick up a few.  This year I have actually prepared a garden bed in advance.  Paula, our midwest blogger has tips on planting bulbs.

In the spirit of the season, do you reflect on what you have accomplished?  Can you pick out a project and share how much you have achieved?

Pumpkins + hops = Autumn

  1. says

    I love the idea of taking note on what you have accomplished, rather than regret what you didn’t get to! I think I will adopt this same practice.

    btw… the photo of the pumpkin is just beautiful! I love how the ray of sunlight hits it!!

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