‘Unique’ Sunflower Bird Feeder


A few months ago, I wrote about growing sunflowers and saving the flower heads for the birds in winter.  You can read my previous post here.

Well last week, my youngest daughter and I took down our regular bird feeder from its hook and then tied up three of our dried sunflowers…

We simply tied string to the end of each sunflower and then tied them to the bird feeder pole.

As you can see, the birds have been enjoying the sunflower seeds.

With spring rapidly approaching, how about planting some sunflowers in your garden?  They grow in all climates and aren’t fussy.  Besides, you get to enjoy their bright, sunny beauty all summer long.

To learn more about growing sunflowers, check out this helpful Birds & Blooms article.

  1. says

    Good idea Noelle. Sunflowers are great flowers not only for the food they provide for birds (mine usually eat all the seeds on the plants before I could gather them), but also for bees that vital pollinators for our other plants. I planted my tomato plant that had a bountiful group right next to my sunflower patch which put it right near where all the bees were feeding on the sunflowers.

    And it’s always nice to see children involved with our birds and gardens.

  2. Franky says

    This is a good idea, but birds may not be the only thing that will get to those seeds though. I’d be afraid that they may attrat bigger wildlife?


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