Wet Seed No More

Ah…April showers…that means May flowers and often soggy birdseed in our feeders. Wet seed can sprout, mold and become laden with bacteria so its important to keep it as dry as possible. How to keep seed in the feeders dry can be a real problem.  Here are some simple things I’m doing to help keep the seed in my feeders dry.

Hang feeders a few inches inside the cover of the porch.

A little cover works wonders to keep the rain off this tube feeder and seed dry.

Install a squirrel baffle or other cover just close enough to keep the rain out and still allow the birds access.

Rain and snow are kept off by the baffle over the top of a platform feeder

If the floor of your wire tube feeder does not drain quickly enough try using wire or stones to keep the seed up off the floor.

Wire screen inserted into base of wire tube to keep seed up away from standing water

Wire screen insert before feeder is filled.

This wire globe feeder is one of the bird’s favorites and one I was asked to test byGardener’s Supply.  I found it didn’t drain as quickly as it needed too so water was left standing in the bottom of it.  This meant the seed was prone to sprouting and molding.  To fix the problem I took the wire screen from a kitchen strainer at a local dollar store that was the shape and size I needed and inserted it into the bottom of the feeder upside down to fix this issue.  It works great!

Do you have similar issues with the feeders in your yard?  Share them here and maybe we can help find good solutions for together.

Remember to always keep those bird feeders cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis to help keep your visiting birds healthy.

  1. Rose A. Anderson says

    I purchased a globe feeder last spring & have had great success attracting smaller birds & keeping pest birds at bay! I found that a squirrel baffle sits nicely atop the globe. It requires no special attachment. Just slip it through the wire on top of the globe feeder & it works great to keep seed dry & mold free. Absolutely love this feeder & the songbirds it attracts in my garden!

  2. Gayle Harteis says

    There is material one can add to bird seed to keep the bird seed dry in the bird feeder – do you kno what this is?

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