What Kind of Bird Chick are You?

Helios Loo / Corbis

Ladies, it’s our turn. The early days of ornithology were a veritable boy’s club, and many of the birding guides still are penned by men. Don’t get us wrong; we like our David Sibley and Kenn Kaufman books and have a special place for everything George Harrison has written. But, as women who love watching birds, (and in honor of our 6 female bloggers) we wanted to put a female twist on our favorite hobby. Visit our website for a complete chick’s birding guide.

Take this fun quiz to see what type of birder you are!

1. When you’re thinking about weed control in your yard, you:
A. Will do whatever it takes. Those weeds aren’t going to keep your blooming beauties down.
B. Use weed control on a limited basis. You like both your wildlife and your pretty blooms.
C. Never ever use weed killer. It could hurt Mama Robin and her babies!

2. It’s 5:40 on Saturday morning. What are you doing?
A. Sleeping. Duh, it’s a Saturday.
B. Hitting the snooze button. You’ll wake up in a bit to head out to fill your feeders and greet the birds.
C. Grabbing your coffee and heading out the door to catch the best of morning birdsongs.

3. How do you keep track of all the birds you see?
A. It’s all in your head.
B. A birding scrapbook, complete
with photos and notes.
C. A daily birding blog or diary that you share with friends.

4. How many pieces of bird-themed clothing or jewelry do you own?
A. None. It’s not your style.
B. Two or more. You’ll buy it if it’s
the right thing.
C. Too many to count.

5. If a bird was nesting outside your window, you would:
A. Keep an eye on it from time to time, then forget about it until something exciting happens.
B. Check on it day and night, eager
to see any new activity.
C. Watch, photograph and write
about it as much as possible, ­inviting your neighbors and friends over for a peek.

6. How well can you recognize birds in your backyard?
A. You know the common ones, but many are a mystery.
B. You can name just about every bird you see.
C. You can name them faster than you can name your own children.

The Results:
Mostly A’s: Fledgling. Sure, you enjoy watching birds in your yard, but you don’t plan your life around them.
Mostly B’s: Mama Bird. Birds really are your feathered friends. If a mourning dove nested in one of your garden
containers, you’d let the plants die to avoid disturbing them.
Mostly C’s: Leader of the Flock. You’d do almost anything for “your” birds. You spend more on them in a month than you do on shoes?…?in an entire year.

So tell us below- what kind of bird chick are you?

  1. Susan says

    I have been an avid reader of Birds and Blooms for years, even giving several gift subscriptions to folks who have also become avid readers. Like most of us, birds are a very important part of my life. I currently share my home with two species of Amazons, an orange wing and a red crowned or red lored. My small back yard has a few feeders, lots of plants that attract birds and butterflies, trees and bushes to provide nesting and shelter areas and a bird bath.
    The issue I just received in today’s mail has a note on “from your backyard” that says we can sign up to receive “free Garden Club Newsletters” and be entered into a contest on this site. I can not find any place here to enter this. Can you help me find it?
    Susan in Ambler, PA

  2. says

    anyway I can get you ladies to look up my fb photos? http://www.facebook.com/nesee I have been studying my own birds and blooms for about 7 yrs now. about to publish my first minnesota bird book. I’d love it it you had the time to look at my photos. they have been known to be very inspiring locally. I thank you a head of time for that half an hour it will take. love your site. wish I was a part of it. my heart and soul is in it. thanks for your time.

  3. Sue says

    Thanks for the quiz it was fun. I am somewhere between a Mama bird and leader of the flock. The part about spending a lot of money is right on lol, but I love it.

  4. bev white says

    Im a leader of the flock and proud of it. read birds and bloom and love it. my favorite mag. love the birds!!

  5. Joyce says

    I am mostly a “B”………I LOVE my birds and flowers. My favorite bird is the blackcapped chickadee, and they ALWAYS come around me when I am outside..Thank you for your magazine

  6. marsha 52 says

    I don’t care to be a bird’s mom I love them all even the ones my husband calls junk birds. Some days you can see me searching the tall hedge to find out who’s making that wonderful call. Summer in the best time to watch them feed and use the bird bath from the back porch where we sit and have our coffee in the morning!

  7. says

    I knew I’d be a Mama Bird. Have had 3 Scrub Jay fledglings in my yard for several weeks & they have been a great group to watch this year. I’ve been feeding walnuts to the parents and just yesterday had one of them eat the pieces off of my tummy as I was lounging in my swing…got some great photos with my new Smartphone. The 5 of them have been the highlight of my summer!! Even if they’ve kept the smaller birds away…they are coming back now that the little guys are up and out and Ma & Pa are not so territorial.

  8. Donna says

    Somewhere between Mama & Leader of the flock. Morning coffee wouldn’t be the same without the bird songs from my patio.

  9. Nila says

    I have loved watching birds for as long as I can remember. I am a Mama Bird. This is the fist time I’ve had house wrens nest in one of our bird houses. I got to see the babies peak out of the house one evening and the next day they were gone. The mama and daddy wrens chased the squirrels out of our yard several times when they got too close to their nest. Such tiny birds and so protective!!!

  10. Teddy says

    Proud to be a mama bird. I read your mags front to back. There is only one page that bothers me, the back page as it is the end. :)

  11. Deborah says

    A fun little quiz! I found I made the ‘Mama Bird ‘ group!! ..and YES, I do spend more
    money on bird items and food then on shoes!!!

  12. Patricia says

    Fun quiz, Half B’s Half C’s I love this site and the info on it. Now that I M retired I can watch the birds int he upnorth WI woods.

  13. Mary says

    I roped off my front porch one year when a robin nested in the wreath on the front wall! Had a sign to not disturb the nest so people came over just to see the babies. Waited till babies flew off, my husband made me take down the wreath afterwards cause we sit there and watch all the kinds of birds from hummeringbirds, hawks and bats! Joe even talks to an Owl that talks back to him. But alas on the quiz I am half A and half B.

  14. Saundra says

    I’m a mama bird and I love it. Love the magazine. Wish I had more birds in my yard but love to care for the ones I do get.

  15. Carol says

    I’m a momma bird. I like to sleep in so I’m not usually out in the early morning, but I’m outside watching till it’s dark. I still have some birds nesting in the yard. And a young robin is strolling around the yard. The parents are having a hard time keeping track of where it is everytime they come back to feed it.

    • Bev. says

      Ah, don’t feel bad, I like sleeping in also, but as soon as I do get up, the first thing I do is look out the window to see what feathered friend’s are gracing my yard.

  16. Effie says

    I am a fledgling. I have birdhouses in the backyard, a birdbath and lots of feeders. I try to give the birds privacy. I take pictures from the deck sometimes but mostly I just enjoy all their singing.

    • Bev. says

      Cool….I also take picture’s of my bird’s. I have a zoom len’s, and have gotten some really neat photo’s.

  17. Dottie Prince says

    I love birds and grew up with parents and brothers who love birds, therefore I am aware of most of their names and habits. I don’t plan my life around them, but I enjoy it when I see one that maybe I haven’t seen in a long time. My husband and I go for rides in the country quite often and we both watch for unusual birds — especially the big ones like snowy egrets, cranes and blue herons. I can spot a bald eagle a mile away and love it when I actually see one in our area. I love the big birds. They are so graceful and fun to watch. We have let the shrubs and persimmon trees in our back yard go a little wild to give the birds a safe haven to nest and live. They love it and they repay us by singing us awake in the mornings. There is a small puddle where our air conditioning unit’s condensation drips and the birds come there for a cool drink and sometimes even a bath. It is very hot here in Oklahoma at this time of year and they love being able to get that cool drink in the middle of the day. I’m so glad I grew up in the country and learned the names and calls of birds. It has been the source of many hours of pleasure for me and for my husband.

    • Bev. says

      Maybe you could put out a standing bird bath for your bird’s also, it don’t hurt none to have plenty of water for them. They, especialy the robin’s, just love splashing around in a bird bath. Water is a every important thing, to everything in life.

  18. Jinx says

    I grew up in Iowa with a father that loved nature, it was so much fun to go for a walk with him and learn the names of all the wild flowers and birds and their habits. Then I moved to Southern Arizona, had a whole new bunch of birds to learn the names and songs of. Later we got a place in the mountains in California and got acquainted with a lot of new birds. It’s been so much fun the diversity has been exciting. I feed a lot of birds both in Arizona and California when we are there.

  19. Dixie From Illinois says

    Fledgling!! I just have never started a diary. Will do so when I am totally retired. But I must admit that years ago I would have never let my yard get as long as it does now if it hadn’t been for watching the birds and other creatures that make our back yard their feeding and play time grounds. But it also brings the neighborhood felines into. Not always a good thing.

  20. Jayne says

    MaMa verging on Leader! Spend more on seed each WEEK than on shoes in a year! Look at bird books at every bookstore, have a couple of favorites – lots of notes in them. “Coolest” sightings – yellow breasted (rose breasted) grosbeak – beautiful. Orchard Orioles in addition to Baltimores. Lots of feeders – lots of habitats – buy shrubs with birds in mind. Joy is birdwatching!

  21. Jean Smith says

    I’m a mama bird with dreams of being leader of the flock, but the fledglings are holding me back. I definitely spend more money on the birds than shoes, and have been choosing plants, shrubs, etc. for the birds and butterflies even though the deer, rabbits and groundhog take a liking to them also. It’s a lot of experimenting!

  22. says

    I’m a leader of the pack. I love my birds. There are a lot of birds that come into my yard every day looking for a hand out. They wait in line to use the bird bath in our 100 degree weather and chatter at each other when I am not quick enough to get the seed out. The doves wait under the bird feeder waiting for the other birds to drop what they don’t want. What wonderful characters each bird has.

  23. Bev. says

    I am “Mama Bird”. I love my bird’s, especial my little “Humming Bird’s”. I have fed them for many year’s, and keep a notebook on them when they arrive and when they depart. I love watching them at the feeder’s. I make my own sugar water for them, and they love it. However, I do love all my other back yard bird’s as well. As soon as they need to be fed, I’m right out there, with seed in hand for them. They too are a joy to watch at the feeder’s. I alway’s have fresh bath water for them, and on really hot day’s, I will change the water twice a day, wheather it need’s it or not.
    Guessing the quiz that I took, is for sure true….I am a “Mama Bird” true to heart.
    God gave us these beautiful bird’s to enjoy and enlighten our life, and that is exactly what they do.

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