What’s on Display in Your Yard Today?

Jill Staake

Quick – take a look out your window. What’s the showiest thing in your yard right now? Is it a bright red Northern Cardinal visiting your feeder? Holly berries flashing their vivid color among glossy green leaves? The soft green of the first snowdrop or crocus  pushing up from the damp ground? As for me, there’s no doubt about it: the showiest thing on display in my yard right now are my Hippeastrum (which most people know better as Amaryllis).

Your turn – What’s the showiest thing on display in your yard today? Tell us in the comments below!

  1. says

    In our garden: about an inch of snow. Here on the Front Range in Colorado, we’re quite a few weeks off from seeing anything but shades of brown occasionally lashed with the bright white of snowfall. Maybe that’s a reason I’m so devoted to botanical prints!

  2. Karen says

    Here in Brooks, KY it would be the male Cardinal eatting seed off the top of my dogs house!!! And let’s not forget the Blue Jays eatting her dog food!! LOL

  3. Dick McNally says

    Our birdfeeder and birdbath (in Southwest Florida) is attracting Red Headed Woodpeckers, Red Bellied Woodpeckers, Pileated Woodpeckers, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Towhees, Brown Thrashers, Eastern Bluebirds, Cowbirds, Pine Warblers Mourning Doves, Robins, Catbirds and Mocking Birds….and that’s just today!

  4. Lydia Goodman says

    Here in Huntsville, AL, the showiest things in my yard right now are the many daffodils that are blooming with more to come. Around town there are several different kinds of Spring-blooming trees. It is a lovely time even though we are still in the throes of winter.

  5. Debbie says

    It is still rather brown in Ohio. But my neighbor kids have a very bright blue, green and yellow canopy over their swing set. Soon my beautiful butterfly bush will hide it. Anxiously awaiting Spring!!

  6. Alicia Johnson says

    Daffodils are blooming at my place in East Texas. Trees are beginning to bud out, like it’s no more winter. We’ll see!

  7. Deirdre Barker says

    I was thrilled to count around 20 robins looking for a meal under my blue spruce tree this afternoon. I have never seen so many robins in one place at one time before. I live in Scarborough, Ontario and we have had robins here all winter the past few years. Also, the cardinals are singing loud and clear. We have had a very mild winter and I think the birds are a bit confused and think spring has arrived.

  8. Carole says

    Nothing but brown grass, be a long time before we see any life, as we live by cold Lake Superior. Later this afternoon, we might see “white” stuff on the ground!

  9. Jean Brecker says

    The showest is the Red Cardinal at my feeder. With a mix of white snow and green grass. Also some soft green leaves of the first spring flowers in the garden. I am in Buffalo NY. With a winter like no other, 40 inches less snow than average.

  10. Carol says

    The assortment of birds are awesome in NC. Cardinals are so bright we see them into the edge of the woods. And yesterday I saw a bluebird way down on the edge of the lawn (from the house!!) Beautiful!! And, of course, the assortment of spring bulbs blooming that I didn’t know we had as we didn’t own the house at this time last year. Every morning is a new surprise.

  11. Kim Waknitz says

    That would be the metal orange flower my daughter (Ashley Paegel) made for me from old plow part! Its winter here in MN but theres no snow just brown everywhere.

  12. Cynthia Lovell says

    There is a Sharp-shinned Hawk sitting in my Yaupon tree right outside my window in the front yard. We are in the middle of the worst drought since 1952, with water restrictions about to be elevated from watering twice a week to probably once a week to keep trees and shrubs alive. With temps over 100* most of last spring and summer, Texas lost at least 5% of our trees. We had lots of foxes and hawks in our neighborhood last year trying to find food. The foxes demolished my garden…but it was fun sitting outside right after dark watching the babies play in my back yard.

  13. Carolyn Landry says

    I saw some Snow Drops yesterday, and some Witch Hazel blossoms. I took several photos. First time I’ve ever seen them. Totally awesome.

  14. Phyllis Baxter says

    The showiest things in our yard are the deer eating right outside our big picture window and also a partridge enjoying the corn we feed to the deer. Very beautiful sight!!

  15. Marcia says

    Even though our winter here in northwestern PA has been very low on the snow amounts, it still is too cold for any plant life. But the cardinals and bluejays give a bit of color to an otherwise brownish landscape.

  16. says

    My many Goldfinches, are getting more yellow! I just love those little birds. Also my daffodials are coming up. We’ve had a mild winter so far, but not over yet!

  17. Gretchen Barr says

    The lilac, purple and white wind flowers have popped up and look great here in South Texas against the brown background. I am also seeing the beginning of my magenta red buds blooming. Yesterday I saw one bluebonnet bud. They’ll be here soon with all the rain we’ve had.

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