Winter Birding Hotspots


Whooping crane photo by Diana Loyd. See whooping cranes at the Whooping Crane Festival in Port Aransas, Texas.

Celebrate bird-watching this winter by participating in a festival or event related to birding. A quick Google search will let you know what events are going on in your area, but here are a few to check out if you’re lucky enough to live nearby.

Sax-Zim Bog Winter Bird Festival: February 17-19, 2012. Meadowlands, Minnesota

An entire weekend devoted to winter bird-watching at the Sax-Zim Bog. Enjoy birding field trips, presentations and great company!

Whooping Crane Festival: February 23-26, 2012. Port Aransas, Texas

An annual celebration of whooping cranes. You don’t want to miss the whooping crane boat tours!

Bald Eagle Appreciation Day: February 25, 2012. Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

View bald eagles through spotting scopes and take a look at a life-size bald eagle nest.

Burrowing Owl Festival: February 25, 2012. Cape Coral, Florida

Visit the city that more than 2,500 burrowing owls call home. This festival celebrates the start of burrowing owl nesting season.

San Diego Bird Festival: March 1-4, 2012.  San Diego, California.

Participate in a Big Sit and see keynote speaker Kenn Kaufman.

International Festival of Owls: March 2-4, 2012. Houston, Minnesota

This is the only weekend-long, all-owl festival in North America. See seven species of owls and attend an outdoor owl photography session.


  1. Gary Friedrich says

    I was in Aransas Port, Texas and took a boat trip out to see the Whooping Cranes. We saw approximately 20 on the trip. We did the math and found we had seen a little less than 5% of all the living whooping cranes. Pretty Cool. About 10 years later I went to Wood Buffalo, Northwest Territories to see them again but found that you couldn’t get to their nesting spot. Saw about 200 buffalo tho.

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