You Don’t Say: Advice From a Turtle


Turtle and Canada Goose

In our March issue, we feature this funny photo of a goose and turtle sunning themselves on a rock, sent to us by Robert Friedman of Freehold, New Jersey. Do you have a clever caption for this photo? Share it below and you might see your caption and name printed in the July issue of Birds & Blooms Extra!


  1. Connie Musser says

    Excuse me, I have just popped into town and would like to know where the closest spot is for a bite to eat?


    Excuse me, just thought I would pop up for a little sun…didn’t realize this rock was taken…

  2. Sherry Knox says

    Excuse me, but has this spot been taken?
    Hey bud, I had a reservation so get lost!
    We really should stop meeting like this!
    Why are you folowing me?!

  3. Maria Perham says

    What do you mean you don’t want to hear about why the chicken crossed the road? It’s a joke, you silly goose!

  4. Maggie Bibbs says

    Wow, you are already back from your winter migration? I thought it was just yesterday hat I started crossing the field next to the pond…..

  5. Thomas Karwacki says

    So these three tourists were sitting on the park bench, and they didn’t have any bread, so I was like, “Go back to Jersey!”

  6. Diane Roebuck says

    My caption for the turtle and the goose is as follows:

    Turtle-dee dee, Turtle-dee do, I found this rock before you!

  7. Dianna Wise says

    “Say, do you realize this sunning rock has been in our turtle family for hundreds of decades? Sure, I’m willing to share it with you.”

  8. Sarann Boring says

    I’m not scared of you because you are bigger then me, I still plan to sit on this rock to sun myself so move over!

  9. Kate Olson says

    Just don’t tell your folks I’m a turtle. They might not even notice, if you just tell them how much in love we are!

  10. James Buckley says

    Hi, are you new here? I don’t recall seeing you before. Did you have a nice trip? You’ll really like it here.

  11. Jackee McCartney says

    Great nails, said the Duck to the Turtle; I polish with sand and then use Seafoam for the shine, said the Turtle to the Duck.

  12. AJ says

    “Ah… Goose look at that shell
    Ah… Goose look at that shell
    Ah… Goose look at that shell
    Ah… I work out
    I’m sexy and I know it”

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