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You Don't Say

In our February/March issue, we feature this funny photo of an oriole. Thanks to Eileen Ferguson of Bedford, New Hampshire, for sharing this adorable snapshot!

We want to hear your clever caption for this photo. We’ll use some of the best suggestions in our upcoming April/May issue. Thanks and have fun!

  1. John J. Harding says

    My Comment for the picture (page 55) in the January 2013 issue.

    What do you mean, “Eat more squirrel”

    Thanks JH

  2. Andrew Soileau says

    Where is the February/March 2013 “Find the Acorn & Win” section on your website? I recieved my February/March 2013 Birds & Blooms Issue today, Saturday, January 5, 2013 and found the “Acorn” right away on page 67. So I went to your website and clicked “Contest” but found no entry form for this issue of “Find the Acorn & Win.” It’s still showing the Dec. 2012/Jan. 2013. So I’m unable to enter via your website.

  3. Mike Stackhouse says

    Air Traffic Control this is Oriole 1…. I am clear for take-off. Roger that Oriole 1, you are clear for take-off on runway 629er.

  4. nita says

    Is this skirt too short?
    Or… need to put some Downy in the Cardinal’s bird bath.
    Or… does this dress make my legs look fat?
    Preparing for my star role in Swan Lake.

  5. susan murphy says

    My comments for the photo on p.45 of the Jan/Feb issue of Birds and Blooms is as follows:
    “Orange is the new black”.
    “Say yes to the dress!”
    “I am a feathered frock Fashionista”.


  6. Brandon Hegsted says


    I think that bird bath had Elmers glue in it.

    My father was a downy woodpecker, its not my fault.

    This is what happens when you sit on the toilet to long.

    Yes, you did get my feathers in a ruffle, and yes I forgive you. Now fetch me a worm.

    Now I know what a dandelion feels like.

    That was one awesome carnival ride!!!

    Did you get the license number of that car????

  7. Rich Falkowski says

    Phew!! Touchdown. I’m here at Kennedy Space Center and just landed on the Shuttle Landing Facility runway. Where are my cousins Atlantis, Discovery, and Endeavour?

  8. Kandy Oliver says

    “Don’t I just look so girly” is the Caption I wanted to leave for the newest photo in the Feb/Mar issue on the You Don’t Say.

  9. Teresa Arteberry says

    I should have followed the queen’s advice and weighted down my flowing skirt.
    Teresa Arteberry

  10. Louise Atwell says

    This is for “Blowing in the Wind”: OK move along… move along. This isn’t a freak show! Hey, you tryin’ to look up my skirt? Get outta here. Move along I said. Move along!

  11. Joanne Drake says

    No, I’m not a Feather Duster! My feathers are the color of rust and they blow when there’s a big gust.

  12. Joanne Drake says

    What Goes Up Must Come Down … especially when I’m on the ground poking around, so I can see what I’m doing.

  13. Judi Cicero says

    “Heck, no! I’m no ballet star and this ain’t no tutu”!!!

    “You think I look funny in this wind? You should see the cat”!

    “Careful buddy! It takes a lot to ruffle my feathers”!

  14. Carrie Jo Yowell says

    Oh,I tried to tell her I would look so rediculous in this tutu.
    But you know women they never listen to us men.

  15. Darby Boyd says

    What do you mean “Don’t Get My Feathers Ruffled”– Leave me some peanut butter to go with my jelly then!!!!

  16. Linda Strong says

    The song Copacabana comes to mind.
    Her name was Lola, she was a show girl, with feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there!


    you don’t say: BLOWING IN THE WIND FEBRUARY-MARCH 2013 PAGE# 45

  18. Christine Lukas says

    If I would have used feather conditioner after my bath I wouldn’t be havin’ this static electricity goin’ on…

  19. Avery Champion says

    I have two:
    “I thought having feathers meant I’d never have a Bad Hair Day!”

    “Those anti-static-cling dryer sheets didn’t work!”

  20. Jan Pool says

    For all the Marilyn’s above, the quote is “Oooh, Do you feel the breeze from the subway?”

    My submission is-“Wife went out for oranges while I stayed home with the chicks. How does she do it all day long and still keep her girlish figure!”

  21. Kimberly Williams says

    Flirty Gerty calls out, “Youuuuu! Whoooooo! Ohhhh Boys! I’ill Give you a kiss! if you stay with the kids!”

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