You Don’t Say: Downward Slide


You Don't Say: Downward Slide

In our December issue, we feature this funny photo of a female cardinal losing her footing and sliding down the roof of this feeder. Thanks to Chantel Oliver of Fairfield, Ohio, for catching, and sharing, this comical moment!

We want to hear your clever caption for this photo. We’ll use some of the best suggestions in our upcoming February/March issue. Thanks and have fun!

  1. Tom King says

    Female Cardinal : honey i thought you said this roof had shingles ?

    Male Cardinal : No dear, I said you have shingles !!!!

  2. Venea Chukhanenko says

    1.I am going skiing for the winter !!! 2. Winter is here ready to go skiing!!!! 3.make way bird passing thru!!!

  3. Diana Bourassa says

    Male cardinal: Ok Hun, just a couple more inches and your going to be down.
    Female cardinal: Um Babe, I think my butts stuck!

  4. Martina Kroupa says

    “Don’t be so nervous! All you have to do is slide down, and land in the snow. It’s fun! I do it all the time”

  5. Ali Turner-Ward says

    “This ski slope isn’t half as good as we thought it would be- no wonder it was so cheep! At least the food doesn’t make the reason it’s free obvious.”

  6. Nancy Coburn says

    In a a surprise upset, With a perfect score of 10, Ms. Cardinal is the new Champion in the bird feeder ski jump event for 2012!!!

  7. Clara Davalos says

    “Good Morning, Grace, I see you’ve managed to ruin my breakfast once again.”
    “HA! That’s what happens to the ‘early bird’ you ‘catch’ some snow!”

  8. McQuarie says

    Sorry, my landing gear’s a bit off, frozen, see, and I’m late for dinner at my mom’s old maple tree – mind lending a claw? I’m kinda slipping here!

  9. Sharon Schmidt says

    Just practicing my slide to be a St. Louis Cardinal…….

    Drinking nectar and flying, is a dangerous combination.

  10. Carol Stahl says

    Don’t jump! I know how you feel, I was ready to jump once too. It just takes a stiff upper flap. You’ll get through this, really you will.

    • Mary G. Lamonte- DeVillier says

      What does “awaiting moderation” mean and who is supposed to provide it?

      Mary G. Lamonte-DeVillier

  11. Joy Lindberg says

    Living on the edge
    Tough, butt soft Landing
    Fical Cliff?
    Slippery Slopes
    Is it to late to go south?

    Have you seen my skiis?

  12. Robert W. McCLoud says

    Aah, that feels better. I wish they would quit putting in so much red pepper flakes to keep the squirrels away!

  13. Caroline Swank says

    For the February/March issue “Blowing in the Wind”. My caption is “Honey, do you think these
    feathers make my butt look big”.

    This is my first time doing this so I hope I am not to early.

  14. Hannah Begley says

    I know I ain’t a kangaroo, but Jack says I should give it a shot! So far…I think maybe I should try this in summer.

  15. kerooznkeroozn says

    Slip slidin’ away
    Slip slidin’ away
    You know the nearer your destination
    The more you’re slip slidin’ away!

  16. Sarah Gacka says

    I thought those human kids were foolish, sliding on their Slip N’ Slide last summer, but this is ridiculous, honey!

  17. Les Wood says

    (seal) “can you do the other ear too? or (bird) “don’t tell anyone” or (seal) “more to the left”

  18. Liza Peniston says

    (female) “And may I ask you WHAT you are doing?”
    (male) “And may I ask who taught you how to land?!”

  19. Liza Peniston says

    “Santa Claus can’t bring us any extra birdseed for Christmas! There is no chimney. I looked all over for it, and now my feet are cold!!”

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